Important Things to Know About Ticks

Their size matters less when they can potentially give you life-threatening diseases. Ticks can cause humans Lyme Diseases, which can be severe if not provided with medical attention immediately. According to Disease Control and Prevention, ticks are growing in number while people overlook the implication of the case.   

There are important measures that need to be done in order to prevent ticks from infesting your house including taking good care of your pets in the house. Ensure that you do dog grooming Springfield OR to avoid making your dog pets a potential hose for these ticks.   

One of the types of ticks that is prominently seen in the household is the brown tick. They host on a variety of dogs but they rarely bite people. Although they are less harmful in humans, they can cause severe diseases in your pets like bartonellosis, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis. Be alert when your dog experiences depression, fever, lameness, and weight loss as these are the potential signs that they have these ticks in their body. It is also important to talk to your vet about the symptoms and cure for these ticks.   

Where do they live?  

Brown ticks can live inside your house and your dog’s house. They can hardly be seen by naked eyes when they are not that many. However, when the infestation sets in, they can be everywhere in your area. Do not wait until this happens and immediately look for ways to kill these ticks before they infest your house and other parts of your area. Look under your rugs, corners on doors and windows, plants, and even in small cracks if you notice you have an infestation. Call a professional service right away for proper tick removal.   

Another type of tick is called American dog ticks. These ticks can prey on different animals and humans and spread infectious diseases. At an early age, they start preying on mice, but later change host as they grow. They start hosting on house pets and even human beings. Their bites can cause different kinds of diseases like tick paralysis, ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Beware of the symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever as it can include rashes on the skin, fever, and body aches after just three to 12 days of being bitten. When bitten, immediately call for medical help.   

The third type of tick you need to be aware of is the lone star tick. They are brown and can bite humans even If they are not fully grown. Similar to the two ticks we mentioned above, these ticks can spread diseases like STARI or southern tick-associated rash illness. This illness has similar symptoms to Lyme diseases although they do not last long. Additionally, current news has spread that these ticks have been found to have spread a rare Heartland virus, a virus that has no treatment yet.   

There are still a lot of ticks you need to be aware of including the Gulf Coast Ticks, Western Black-Legged Ticks, and others. Regardless of types, you need to get rid of them before they grow in number and spread diseases that can be life-threatening. Stay guarded. 

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